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Everything you need to know about the Brda Open wine cellars days

Everything you need to know about the Brda Open wine cellars days

We are counting the days until our meeting in June to get to know the winemakers of Brda. This year, we will once again experience the fragrance and flavour of their special wine stories. To make the most of the day and taste as many wines as possible, we recommend reading the TOP 10 things you need to know about DOK 2022 – Open Wine Cellars.

1. Where do I buy my tickets?

Tickets for DOK 2022 can be bought on our online shop. The following tickets are available:

When purchasing tickets, it is recommended that you create a user account, as this will easily allow you to access the e-wallet.

2. Why should I create a user account?

Our commitment to sustainability has encouraged us to reduce the use of paper. At the same time, based on the experience of the previous years, we want to make your participation at the Brda wine event as simple as possible. By creating a user account, you also become a member of the Brda wine community.
Most importantly: by creating a user account, you get access to the e-wallet.

3. What is an e-wallet?


By purchasing a ticket for DOK 2022 and creating a user account, you get access to your e-wallet where e-vouchers are uploaded. For each winemaker, you have a certain number of e-vouchers: 1 e-voucher corresponds to 1 specific wine sample.

How do you redeem the e-vouchers? Let's have a look at an example:

I bought tickets for my friends - how can they use their e-vouchers?

It’s easy, at the time of purchase you will need to enter each friend’s email to forward them their tickets. They will then be able to open their own account with the e-wallet and the necessary e-vouchers for the tastings.

5. I don't want to create an account, now what?

No problem: if you want to spend your wine weekend in an analogue way (paper way), there is a DOK Pass available for you (link to the shop) where you can keep your analogue vouchers.
Important: the DOK Pass is chargeable! You can buy it in advance in our online shop (link) or at the time of registration when you arrive on the day of the event.

6. What if I don't have a smartphone?

If you do not have a smartphone, then the same procedure applies to you as for those who do not want to create a user account. You will have to buy the DOK Pass (link to shop).

7. How do I get from winemaker to winemaker? #TRANSFERS

Also this year we will organise buses in order to avoid crowds, parking searches and, above all, drunk driving. The routes of the busses will be circular and the starting point where you can change lines will be Dobrovo Castle. They will pass once every hour at all designated points. All stops will be announced before the event. You can secure your DOK bus ticket in advance in our online shop – DOK transfer

If you have someone in your group who doesn’t want to participate at the wine tasting, but just wants to learn about the stories of wine, we recommend hiring a van to make the trip from winemaker to winemaker even easier.  To hire a van, contact us at

8. I bet I'll be hungry... Where can I get something good to eat?

Some winemakers will also have something to eat. The gastronomic offer is not included in the ticket price and is charged separately at each winery. 

If the hunger will be very bad, we recommend:

Belica – Medana 32, T: +386 (0)5 304 1 04

Belvin – restavracija – Plešivo 38, T: +386 (0) 51 643 100

Briška hiša – Hum 54a, T: +386 (0)598 12 170

Bužinel restavracija – Plešivo 37, T: +386 (0)31 671 705

Domačija Kabaj – Morel Šlovrenc 4, T: +386 (0)5 395 95 60

Gostilna Peternel – Hruševlje 24, T: +386 (0)5 304 26 70

Gostilnica na lepem razgledu – Cerovo 51, T: +386 (0)40 238 990

Gostilna Sergio – Neblo 1, T: +386 (0)5 304 50 35

Gostišce Turn – Šmartno 62, T: +386 (0)5 620 12 24

Gredic – Ceglo 9, T: +386 (0)40 477 817

Hotel San Martin – Šmartno 11, T: +386 (0) 5 330 56 60

Nejka in Uroš Klinec – Plešivo 51b, T: +386 (0)31 339 463

Kruh in vino – Vila Vipolže Vipolže 29, T: +386 (0)5 620 12 89

Okrepčevalnica Sabotin – Sabotin, T: +386 (0)31 656 603

Picerija Pr’Andreju – Drnovk 21, T: +386 (0)5 620 24 41

Restavracija Divina – Grajska cesta 10, T: +386 (0)70 820 603

Restavracija hotela Venko – Neblo 11, T: +386 (0)5 39 887 73

Turistična domačija Klinec – Medana 20, T: +386 (0)40 663 322

Tavarneta wine and champagne bar Plešivo 37, T: +386 (0)40 583 806

Turistična kmetija Kren – Plešivo 15, T: +386 (0)41 687 240

Turizem Breg – Breg pri Golem Brdu 3, T: +386 (0)5 304 25 55

Vino@modana – Medana 16, T: +386 (0)5 395 96 00

9. Great, I'm all clear, when can I come?

Our starting point is at Dobrovo Castle, where you will receive your wine glass, a glass bag and wristband. We start at 9.00 and the winemakers welcome you from 11.00. 

To easily get from winery to winery, take a look at our digital map where you can find all participating wineries.

10. I'd also like to ...

If we had too many glasses of Ribolla on the day we prepared this INFO (FAQ) and forgot something😊, feel free to contact us anytime at 00386 31-363-179 or send us an email to

We look forward to meeting you, what about you?

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